Gpk-OS - GiPOCO Operating System
Main Features of the software and screenshots

Applications embedded in the system:
Editor WYSIWYG, Calendar, Scientific Calculator, Notes, Clock, Image Viewer, Movie Player, File Manager, etc.

Six fully indipendend desktops:
Start from the animated menu your applications and move them from a desktop to another in freedom

Fullscreen Gallery Image Viewer:
Overimposed layered gallery viewer that freeze the desktop and show your images in fullscreen mode

Fully Debuggable and OpenSource:
The system is completly open and the debugging capabilities are full. All aspects are customizable

Full Feature Wordprocessor:
windowed or fullscreen wordprocessor compatible
(drag and drop too) with the doc format and html

Multitasking Multiuser Database OS:
Different users can work concurrently and access all files via database in total privacy or collaboration

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